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Crap tutorial for @cosmicdanse

1. Go to file > Import > Video Frames to Layers

2. Pick a video, I think it has to be either .mov or .avi or .mpeg

3. Under "Range to Import" change it to "Selected range Only" and "Limit to every 2 frames" (because that makes it a slightly smaller file to being with)

4. Select the part of the video you want using shift+click, then press OK

5. It will import the frames as an animation, if you can't see the frames at the bottom, go to Window > and make sure Animation is ticked

6. Now you can resize the animation and crop it etc, delete any frames you don't want etc etc, and also change how long the frames display for by selecting them all at the bottom and clicking the little arrow next to the "0.04 sec" etc, i usually set it to "0.1"

7. If you want to, you can edit the frames, make them black and white, add contrast etc

8. To save the gif, go to File > Save for Web & Devices. Then you can get the gif the right file size by changing the amount of colours, transparency etc, basically fiddle with the settings. Then save!

(Tips for making it a smaller file size: black and white gifs you can reduce to a smaller amount of colours without ruining them and try deleting every other frame)

Anyway if you get stuck or this makes no sense you know where I am!
Daisy Shimmy


If you're here it's probably cos I linked you, so I'll love you forever if you answer these questions for my dissertation to the best of your ability! They're not amazing but I already have some useful answers so they'll do! Thaaaanks. If you could PM it to me instead of posting it here, that's even better (and more private for you!)
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